003 – dandelion

i remember one of the times you walked me home

and i said to you,

teasing, joking,

slightly hoping,

“i’ve always wanted flowers”.


you had stopped then,

eyes trained on the ground,

searching for something,

as all i could do

was look at you.


your fingers,

long, calloused, like the rays of the sun,

stretched down,

to pull a dandelion puff from the soil

and i laughed.


you gave it to me,

amidst the afternoon sun, amidst laughter,

and you said to me,

“i’ll get you some one day,

but could this do for now?”


my love, my heart, it was more than enough,

you were always more than enough,

though “one day” never came,

even though i wished for it

on that goddamn stupid puff.



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